Shae Thot MNCH Support to Vulnerable Communities Project. 50 villages in Matetheelar Township, Mandalay Division and 20 villages in HparSaung Township, Kayah State.( Jan 2014 – July 2015)
The project is planned to work at 20 villages in Hparsaung township in Karah State and 50 villages in Meithtilar township in Mandalay Division focusing on 11,760 women of reproductive age and 7,840 children of age under 5 years of total 39,202 population. The project is aim to reduce the mortality rates of maternal, newborn and child and strengthening health statuses through provision of improved health services and supporting and integrating the Shae Thot program. The project is to strengthening health field service facilities assesses for communities through fresh /refresher training on existing AMWs and supporting their services in collaboration with township health department and enhancing the comprehensive reproductive health and MNCH services, home diagnosis and treatment of common childhood illness and facilitating emergency referral, maternal and new born referrals through RCHs and sub-centers to station and township hospitals.
The project will enhance the communities assessable to better health care services, and support and mobilize the communities to be able to receive treatment, especially children under 5, and encourage the pregnant women to receive 4 or more ANC visits during their last pregnancy. The project will identify and train AMWS in collaboration with the township Health department and support them enabling to support safe delivery, safe pregnancies, safe newborns, newborn cares, ANCs and PNCs. The project will provide HBB training to mid -wifes in the target areas and provide them with HBB tools.