We would like to express our appreciation to all those who have provided support and assistance for us to be able to accomplish the achievements of promoting the Neonatal Care Services and capacities of the health staffs with prevention of the newborn child mortality.

We are very thankful to the Ministry of Health and Sports and Department of Public Health for their kind support and collaboration & their kind technical guidance, cooperation and coordination with administrative and management needs with conducting Helping Baby Breathes Training of Trainers Program in many states and regions. We would also like to acknowledge with much appreciation the crucial role of the Director and her staff at the Child Health Division and Health Directors and their staff at the States and Regions where HBB ToT training were performed. Also, all participants of the training courses for their great interest, active participation, transfer of skills & knowledge to their field staff.

A special gratitude to Dr. Barry J. Anderton M.D. and his wife Mrs. Sandra Anderton, for undertaking and providing significant expertise at all HBB Technical ToT Training Courses. They are LDSC HBB Specialist Volunteers, who contribute their time and service.

We are also grateful to extend our special gratitude to LDSC Country Directors, Mr. Larry & Linda Sippel, Mr. Michael & Linda Error and Mr. Christopher & Julia Doyle, for their administrative and facilitating support with implementing the HBB program throughout the country, with great interest. They have all been LDSC Country Directors to Myanmar, providing voluntary services.

Furthermore, we are also immensely grateful to Community Development Association (CDA) for their great assistance with facilitating, coordinating and managing the implementation of the HBB Program to achieve the excellent outcome for the current MoU, in promoting the Neonatal Care Services to the health staff, in reducing newborn child mortality in the country of Myanmar.

Thank you to CDA President, Dr. Khin Maung Win and HBB Specialists Doctors, Dr. Than Htwe and Dr. Myint Aung Khin, and CDA staff for their contributions and service to the program.

Project Goal “To understand the proficiency of Helping Baby Breathe (HBB) and effectiveness on reducing newborn mortality”

Objectives And Scope

To promote the Neonatal Care Services of the concerning Department of Public Health field staffs through Neonatal Resuscitation Training. Neonantal resuscitation training provides training for medical professionals in reviving newborns with breathing difficulties. The training of trainers’ course on neonatal resuscitation is provided by LDSC medical professionals and is based on a text developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Heart Association.

Project Activities

  • Conduction of of HBB TOT Trainings
  • Provision of training materials to midwifery and nursing schools
  • Provision of resuscitation kits and HBB Hand Books to midwives, Hospitals and MCH Units.

The aim of the project is to train the basic health staff, especially midwives working at the villages, to be able to help the newborns babies facing difficulties in breathing, by using Bag & Mask and Penguin suctions.

For this purpose, the training was conducted by state or region. Then from each township (4) candidates who were able to give multiple training course such as doctors, nurses, female H.A or L.H.Vs were selected to attend the training. The state or regional public health directors had selected a group of doctors to assist LDSC HBB specialist in training as facilitators. Before the ToT training, these facilitators have been provided orientation on the training course by LDSC HBB specialist. Number of facilitators will be selected at the ratio of 1 is to 6-8 trainees in the training. Other interested person such as Township Health Officers and Principle of Midwives nursing and midwives training school and other child specialists were also attended the training course.

In addition to the HBB training through Department of Public Health for Basic Health Staffs, the trainers from the 50 nursing and midwifery institution under Department of Human Resources for Health were also trained at Mandalay and Yangon.

Project Achievements

Summary For Donation of HBB Related Materials

Donation of HBB related materials were carried out in such a manner that each posted midwife would receive –
1 – Bag & mask
2 – Penguin Suction Tube
3 – HBB Handbook
4 – HBB Card

In addition, HBB training had been performed for Upper Myanmar Midwifery students in Mandalay and Lower Myanmar in Yangon. In case of State or Region DPH, Townships and Midwifery training schools would receive
1 – (2) Neo Natile Manaquines (Dummy)
2 – (2) Flip chart
3 – (2) Wall sheet
4 – Bags
At the beginning of the project Kayin, Shan (South) and Kayah received additional stethoscopes. In 2017, “Upright” type of Bag & Masks were introduced and donated to Nay Pyi Taw DPH, Midwifery training schools of Upper and Lower Myanmar along with other HBB materials.