Recovery of Livelihood

On 2nd May 2008, Cyclone Nargis struck the Ayeyawaddy Region causing unprecedented loss of human lives, assets and livelihood of the people in the region. In response to the disaster, CDA provided household accessories with its own fund and livestock with the assistance of Green Care, Mercy Corps and FAO.

CDA provided chickens, piglets, goats and ducks in Labutta and Bogalay Townships to restock the depleted livestock and support their livelihood. Small scale farmers who lost their buffalos during the cyclone and have no farm implements were provided with buffalos along with rice seeds and fertilizers. From the beginning, communities participated in planning and implementation of the program.

Besides, farmers in Kadonkani and Aye Yar Village Tracts in Bogalay Township were provided with power tillers and farmers in Labutta Township were provided with rolling boats, helping them prepare land in time, growing paddy as the year 2010 faced late rains with high temperature. Twenty two villages received 34 power tillers in Bogalay and 43 rolling boats in Labutta.

The best part of the program is replication of distribution of livestock, where banking system necessitate the first beneficiaries to share a calf or piglet to the second beneficiaries is exercised in these areas for sustainability, increasing livestock, beneficiaries and promoting agricultural production.