CDA Cooperation with UNICEF in Wash

CDA in cooperation with UNICEF provided school latrines (2 units per school and 2 seats per unit) along with hygiene promotion at 19 Schools Affected by Cyclone Giri in Kyauk Phyu township during February to March 2011.

UNICEF Ceramic Water Filter Production Project (Small Scale Funding Project), May 2006 to December 2006,with incorporation and funds supported by Asia Transpacific Foundation (ATF International NGO, USA).

CDA conducted Township Level Training Courses and Monitoring the Village Level Training Courses on Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation Facilities, and selection of water supply systems, and getting community participations, contributions and commitments at 18 Area Focused Townships of 18 States and Divisions, November 2001 to January 2002. The 89 officials of Department of Development Affairs and the Department of Education from 17 Area Focused Townships attended and completed the training courses. Guided and supervised the 7 Multiplier Training Courses and 118 Village Training Courses at 105 places in 17 townships where 4302 participants attended and completed.

CDA designed and developed training modules, questionnaires and tools for assessments of water supply facilities status of schools and communities, needs for major repairs and alternate systems and rehabilitation of minor repairs in 1604 systems at 25 Area Focused Townships at 25 States and Divisions during November 2003 to April 2004.