CDA intervention of WASH sector in all communities , Myanmar.

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Health facilities assistance in national wide , Myanmar.

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Respond and Preparedness

Establishment of EWS system in local community level, conducting on DRR awareness and exercise the simulation drill and providing the relief items during emergency in Myanmar.

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Livelihood And Others

Livelihood stabilization of rural community, livestock, agriculture, climate change adaption and micro finance.

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On the beginning CDA was formed in 1998 as Community Development Technology team (CDTT) under HW International Co.ltd, which was a self-financing non-profit consulting firm. The CDTT has been re-formed as Community Development Association (CDA) in 2003 and the registration as local NGO in 2005. CDTT was providing technical consultations, services and trainings to UN projects, UN Agencies and INGOs. Community Development Association was formed with CDTT members on 2004 and able to officially register as local NGO in 2005. CDA has understanding to technical cooperative services with Latter-Day Saint Charities for implementing humanitarian assistance projects. CDA, with the supports of CCDAC and LDSC, has implementing humanitarian assistance projects. CDA has with the supports of CCDAC and LDSC, has implemented many clean water supply projects for schools, institutions and communities, in 2003-2005.  CDA has signed MoU with Department of health and Latter-Day Saint Charities on Vision and Neonatal Resuscitation Trainings and Clean Water for Hospitals and Rural Health Centers.

Our Objective

The purpose of the Community Development Association (CDA) is to utilize community capacities to implement basic community developmental interventions through effective involvement of existing support services and technical assistance, and to promote sustainable community capacity building, mobilization, participation and contribution.

Our Vision

The CDA has a deep interested in participating in the arena of social mobilization and community developmental work and has undertaken challenges in community development activities wherever and whenever demand and feasibility is favorable, including clean water supply and community health promotions.

Our Mission

The CDA is to support socio-economic development of communities in Myanmar focusing on health, water, sanitation and hygiene, livelihoods, disaster risk reduction, people with disabilities and capacity buildings of the communities where necessary for growth and sustainability.